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Providing education to families and service providers has always been an important part of DSG’s mission. We have a large curriculum of courses covering a wide array of dementia related subjects that are suitable for family members and professionals alike.

At Dementia Services Group, we look at the entire dementia journey so you will find topics such as communication, grief, financial protection and family dynamics as well as the medical and caregiving aspects. Learn more >>


Featured Course: The Brain and Dementia

This session is a critical building block for all future Dementia Services Group E-learning sessions.

This course details the functions of the pertinent areas of the brain and how damage to specific areas can result in changes in thinking, judgment, communication, perception, mobility, personality and even behavior. 

By learning about the brain, a caregiver will better be able to understand what may be happening with the person with dementia and will be able to develop skills so that they can be proactive vs reactive in their care approach.

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