Providing education to families and service providers has always been an important part of DSG’s mission. We have a large curriculum of courses covering a wide array of dementia related subjects that are suitable for family members and professionals alike.

At Dementia Services Group, we look at the entire dementia journey so you will find topics such as communication, grief, financial protection and family dynamics as well as the medical and caregiving aspects.

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  • Root Cause Analysis – The Real Way To Eliminate Behaviors
  • Triggers & Redirecting Undesired Behavior
  • Advanced Dementia and End of Life
  • Delirium and Dementia
  • Dementia Co-morbidities
  • Identifying and Managing Pain in Persons with Dementia
  • Types of Memory and Why It Matters
  • Anxiety, Agitation, and Aggression
  • Falls and Dementia
  • Maximizing Potential, Minimizing Risks
  • Is It Dementia?
  • Understanding Non Verbals – Communicating with Aphasic Persons
  • Preventing ER Visits– Falls, Infection & Catastrophic Reactions
  • Medication and Dementia
  • Basics of Dementia
  • Dementia FAQs
  • Buyer Beware – Choosing Dementia Care
  • Nutrition & Alternative Medicine
  • Grief, Guilt, Fear and Family Dynamics
  • Hiring Dementia Professionals
  • Protecting Your Loved One From Fraud and Abuse
  • Dementia & Sexuality


Why DSG?

Traditional care approaches often don’t work. DSG recognizes that caregivers must have more knowledge to help them problem-solve the many and ever-changing care issues that occur with progressive dementia. Our E-learning sessions provide methods that caregivers can use to be proactive in preventing upset; rather than typical traditional approaches that are reactionary.

Our training goes deeper and broader than other training curriculums.

Our students will walk away with actionable tools to help improve care, not just theoretical explanations. That is why we offer courses like Dementia and The Brain which gives students a far more in depth understanding of the brain, how it works and what happens when it fails.

Our Root Cause Analysis course will teach you ways to try and identify the cause of behaviors and thus potentially prevent them as opposed to just randomly redirecting and hoping for the best.

Dementia is hard. It is unpredictable and there is no one method or way to approach it. That is why we try to give our students the most comprehensive training and do not subscribe to generic approaches or “one size fits all” programs.

Each course contains:

  • a short video introduction to the author/instructor
  • the course lesson(s) with 24/7 online access through smartphones, tablets or computer
  • an optional quiz
  • certificate of completion (if the quiz is passed with a score of 80% or better)
  • continuing education credit submission form
    • At this time DSG does not provide CEs, however our courses have been previously approved by many of the issuing professional organizations such as NASW and CCMC. The CE submission form contains the information required for most approving organizations.
As a nurse of 20+ years, I can honestly say I never received any training like what DSG offers, even through all my years working in memory care. This is the training that will help us reduce behaviors and hospital admissions. This is the training that will help improve quality of care as well as quality of life. I wish I had gotten this type of training years ago.Susan Lindgren, RN


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